Why I Use a Head Collar for Dogs– Halti or Gentle Leader

Hey there, I’m Barbara! I’m a professional pet pedestrian as well as I love using a head collar for pets!

I was first introduced to head collars in 2012 and also have been utilizing them DAILY since, both on my very own dogs as well as on my customer canines.

They’ve been a complete game changer for me as far as walks are concerned since they transform most pullers right into well-behaved pups on chain.

What is a head collar for dogs?

Indeed, like I simply briefly mentioned, a head collar is a mild no-pull tool. It’s specifically what its name suggests– a collar that a pet dog uses around his head.

My dog wearing a Gentle Leader
That Mutt Ace with his Gentle Leader(he’s not pleased )It includes a(sometimes padded)noseband that loopholes around his nose and also a neck band that closes behind his ears. The ring attachment under the pet’s chin is for the leash the pet is walked on. Think of it as a doggie version of a horse halter! Some head collars have an additional safety attribute in the type of a strap that clips to the pet’s routine collar. If the neck band opens for whatever factor, the pet dog can’t simply remove due to the fact that the leash is still affixed to the regular collar.

There are several different brand names of head collars. Both best known ones are

Head collars for dogs - halti
Halti as well as Gentle Leader. My pet dog Wally with his head collar Halti I directly favor the Halti over the

Gentle Leader because it features a larger noseband that’s padded. In my opinion, that’s a much better choice since a normal, thin noseband can create chafing on a dog’s nose and also under the eyes. A padded noseband is less likely to do this. Just how does a head collar for canines work? The head collar assists me take care of the pet I’m walking by

regulating the dog’s head. When I need the canine to re-focus instead of area in on an additional pet, individual, or canine, I just guide the pet’s head far from the distraction. Because of the mild pressure the collar puts on the

pet dog’s neck as well as muzzle, their head goes into the direction I want it to take

, and also the body adheres to immediately. Remy with his Gentle Leader It’s fantastic to use as a tool when you’re teaching your pet respectful leash strolling skills and also do not want him to draw. Some individuals only utilize a head collar

as a transitioning tool and stop utilizing it when their pet dog has actually understood the polite leashed stroll. That’s not how I use it! I directly use it every day although my pup Wally is currently extremely well acted on his chain. That’s since he’s one of those dogs that walk flawlessly fine until they get distracted by something like a pet cat or

a loose dog. He goes nuts and also begins leaping about as well as desires to get to whatever it is that’s causing him to respond this way when that happens. It’s for those minutes that I pick to utilize the head collar on a daily basis.

I want to be in control of my canine whatsoever times as well as I wish to be able to redirect him from such an upsetting scenario. The same principle puts on the several different client dogs I’m walking. I’m liable for those canines while they’re in my treatment, as well as head collars give comfort for me.

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