Why Do Cats Rub Against You?

Cats. They have many behaviors that are confounding/hilarious/quirky/ pleasant that a person needs to wonder what takes place in those hectic little feline brains? One of these behaviors that is unusual to comprehend is the sensation of pet cats regularly rubbing against you. Whether it’s the “ankle figure 8” right after you’ve simply rollered your pants or the “gon na smoosh my face on yours while you’re resting” kind, why is it that pet cats massage against you?

Reasons Cats Rub on … Everything”Cats count heavily on their sense of odor to give them info regarding their environment,”Dr. Stephanie Borns-Weil, a local in Animal Behavior at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, informs PetMD. Rubbing is a great method to both odor things and leave their fragrance behind. Whether it’s you or a motionless item, scrubing on it enables a cat to discover something regarding the individual or environment, in addition to leave its”mark”behind. Marking A pet cat scrubing itself on you, also your face, is a form of noting, and includes everything from people to door frameworks, table legs, cupboards– practically anything. Cats have scent glands in their cheeks, chins, foreheads and at the base of their tails so when they massage these parts on points, or people, it leaves their special aroma behind. We can’t scent this, but other cats can. This behavior isn’t territorial, like spraying, yet more of a friendly activity. The aromas they leave contain scents which coincide kind discovered in artificial scent mixes several professionals advise for nervous cats. Since these pheromones do not remain fresh for life, pet cats will certainly usually mark the very same areas over and also over once again.

Head Butting or”Bunting””When a cat rubs or presses its head versus you, also called head bunting or butting, the feline is additionally marking you with his aroma in a show of association, “Borns-Weil further explains.”Affiliative behaviors serve to preserve a connection within a team of individuals. Head massaging is a feline’s way of marking its individuals as well as its atmosphere and organizing them along with the exact same fragrance.”Head butting likewise shows trust fund, Amy Shojai, a licensed animal behavior expert, describes to Catster.”It likewise places the pet cat’s face as well as eyes in susceptible positions. So, it’s not just expressing friendliness, however also count on.”

Information Gathering

Some confident pet cats may rub versus people they don’t know as a method to discover even more about them. People carry all type of smells on them, as any pet proprietor can testify, as well as this welcoming permits a cat to figure out whether he or she serves, in addition to where they might have come from and what animals they might have, or have actually been around. Though this might look like– any, indeed, may be– a friendly behavior, professionals such as Borns-Weil note “some pet cats don’t intend to be cuddled yet desire information from you.” Simply put, just because an unknown feline is massaging on you, does not mean it desires you to rub on it. Usage care, as always, when getting to know a new friend.

Affection One more factor felines scrub is merely to show affection. Dr. Jill E. Sackman, elderly medical director for BluePearl Veterinary Partners’ Michigan Region tells PetMD,”head massaging is an actions cats learn as kittens with their mom. It’s a caring gesture that can likewise be made use of as a type of welcoming.”


For kitties that live in multiple pet cat families, scrubing (and also head butting) are expansions of the habits they learned as kittens from their mommies. You could notice when felines awake from nap time, or when deals with are being served, they may engage in a round of head butts with their friends– just greeting (once more) and also confirming all is well with everybody. Your feline may also run toward the door when they hear you returning– that round of ankle-swishes you get is likely a huge “hey there”.


In some cases felines scrub versus us since they want something. Several pet cats recognize if they scrub on you they are going to get a positive action from you– preferably, some emphasizes return, maybe some treats, or cleanings? Head butts, leg weaving, and also extra, can just be cat methods of claiming, “I like you. Do you like me, also?”

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