Where to Adopt a Dog + What to Avoid!


Welcome to part 3 of How to Adopt a Dog! In this video I talk about the most common places to rescue a dog, while Django sleeps the entire time. :32 Shelter/Pound
2:01 Rescue Organization
3:14 Internet/Newspaper/Ad
4:07 Places to Avoid Do you have a rescue dog? I'd love to hear about your experience! Where did you adopt your dog from? Thanks for watching ! 🙂 The 3 most common places to rescue a dog are : 1. Shelter/Pound
2. Rescue Organization
3. Internet/Newspaper/Ad Where to never get a dog from :
1. Puppy Mill
2. Pet Shop
3. Anywhere that you don't know the dogs background HOW TO ADOPT A DOG PART 1 –
https://youtu.be/UqjhVIem4Fc HOW TO ADOPT A DOG PART 2 –
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