How and when to stop clicking when clicker training with your puppy or adult dog. If you are too predictable and stay at the same level of criteria for too long, it can be confusing and frustrating for dogs when you suddenly stop clicking. This video explains when to stop clicking and how to do it in a way that won't cause frustration or cause your dog to start making errors in training. The more training you do with your dog the more your dog will understand the way you train and training concepts. The more behaviors you transfer onto just a verbal cue or hand signal the more the dog will understand the concept of how you train news cues. The same holds true for the process of no longer clicking behaviors the dog is offering reliably on cue. This video is dedicated to one of the #1 Kikopup Sponsors: Caitlin Aoki Thank you to Caitlin and all my Kikopup members for making these videos possible! Thanks for watching! Please give a thumbs up, comment and subscribe! It means a lot to me 🙂 Check out my dogs’ daily antics on INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/kikopup/ FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/dogmantics/ CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE FOR FREE TRAINING ARTICLES, VIDEOS AND PRODUCTS: https://dogmantics.com/ The online store where you can find Professional Dog Training memberships, Self-study courses and video on demand for purchase: https://dogmantics.com/shop/ If you would like to support my work to create more educational videos like this one on how to train dogs without the use of physical or psychological intimidation, consider clicking the join button and becoming a member of channel Kikopup! It's kind of like the youtube version of patreon with perks. 🙂 Click this link here if a join button does not show up on your device such as a phone: https://www.youtube.com/user/kikopup/join Happy Training! – Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup) #dogtraining #professionaldogtraining #puppytraining

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