Today We Learned NEVER FORGET to Add “For Dogs” to Our Ads

As some of you may have seen, recently we ran ads for June’s Super Chewer box, Backyard BBQ, which was full of aromatic nylon food toys. In making these ads, we * in some way forgot to consist of the really essential information that these were toys for canines.

* And by we are referring to JEROME, our imaginative director.

Without the spec of “for dogs,” here is a list of points individuals believed these dog toys were:

  • soap toys for human young children gum tissue
  • diet help
  • candle warmers Jawzrsize devices other things we can not duplicate because this is an area of BIZNESS

It took a lots of comments and some re-reading on our part to identify where we failed. We’re a pet company, we talk about dogs 24/7 so HOW did we FORGET? We’re not directing fingers or condemning Jerome or anything but WAY TO GO, JAH ROME.

Anyway, without reference of words pet dog in sight, people created their own ideas with what these toys were and also let’s just say, it was an interesting flight.

There were the soap individuals.

The toys for babies individuals( you guys were close, we’ll admit.)

the … periodontal people? We will certainly never understand however we

‘ll take it. The individuals looking for the current diet regimen and workout fad. And after that our FAVORITE component of this entire experience was when we discovered the best team on Facebook.

From every one of this we learned three points.
2. We’ll always remember to add the pet dog once more.3.
Corn makes people very upset, and also we, as the social team of BARK, are exceptionally pleased brand-new members of the best Facebook Group on the web. (CORN IS STUPID ALRIGHT)

P.S. Please do not eat our playthings or provide to your babies. Leave it to the Super Chewers.

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