This Dog Suffered So Much, But Her Life Was About To Take a New Turn

Howl Of A Dog rescued Emma from a public pound where she was found injured, emaciated and suffering from mange. We don't know her background, the only possible scenario we can think of is that she was a stray living on the streets, got hit by a car, then later captured and taken to that public pound where she received no medical care and her condition deteriorated even more.
She underwent femoral head ostectomy surgery (FHO) and so far has recovered very well and she has started using her operated leg more and more. She still favors it when running but it's been only 5 weeks since her surgery so the recovery phase is still in progress. Emma's left eye is tiny and underdeveloped, it is covered permanently by the third eyelid; she has no vision on that side, it cannot be restored through surgery, but it is not causing her any pain, it's more an aesthetic issue.
She is around 2 yrs old and is the most gentle dog in the world. She has a pleasant temperament and is very good with all dogs and with cats too. Emma is still shy with people she doesn't know and she needs her adoptive family to be patient with her and help her feel safe.
Emma is in our care in Romania, but can also be adopted internationally to the US, Canada and Europe. She is spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated and meets all requirements to travel abroad (additional details about the adoption process can be found here: If you can offer her a loving home, please email us at . Thank you! ***UPDATE Aug 2019: Emma has been adopted!!! More updates & pictures can be found on our website: . To help us change the world for suffering animals please visit: Website:
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Howl Of A Dog is a small nonprofit animal rescue organization located in Romania. Our commitment is to rescue abandoned, neglected and abused dogs from the streets or from overcrowded public shelters and to find them suitable loving forever homes. HOWL OF A DOG organization Registration Number 33570458

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