The Unexpected Way To Exercise Your Dog Using THIS Object

It is a REALLY important part of dog ownership to make sure that you exercise your dog. Most people think that taking their dog for a walk is all that's required to keep their pup healthy and happy. For a lot of dogs, this isn't nearly enough exercise! Walking just isn't enough physical activity and you'll often see that just a few minutes after getting home, your dog is full of energy again. In this video, you'll learn about a fun skill that you can teach your dog that will burn off that energy in half the time! Are you interested in training with a 5X Disc Dog World Champion? Instructor Carol has a new course that's now made available for pre-sale! Find out more here: https://McCannDogs.Link/DiscDog We Now Have A Puppy Essentials Training Program Online!
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00:00 Start
1:32 What You'll Need
2:25 Beginning Steps
4:16 Training Language
5:14 Adding Progressions
5:47 Progressions And Problem Solving
8:46 Troubleshooting Don't Forget To Subscribe: You should check out the video that we JUST Published: We Currently Have Some Of Our Signature Training Equipment Available Online! (Limited Quantities) To Get Yours, Visit: Here Is A Link To Our Video Podcast Channel: We Also Have A Podcast!
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Happy Training! ~Ken

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