The tale of gorgeous cowherd Emma and the genie snake

The legend of beautiful cowherd Emma and the genie snake Once upon a time, the good genie was punished locked in the snake body forever. He could become human when he had the true love. Hundred years later. In her forest, there was a beautiful lady, name Emma, ​​
she was a cowherd, lived with her buffalo troop. The snake wanted to eat his flock, unfortunately, he was injured by the hoof of his buffalo. Young Emma decided to help and took this snake into its forest. The snake started to fall in love with this young lady .
To be continue…………….. Remark: In this videos, the snakes are from the breeding, it is not savage. so in this film, there is no danger.So, hope you enjoy my videos. Please help to subscribe my channel for the other new videos.…

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