The Best Hiking Harness for a Miniature Dachshund

Finding a harness for treking with your Miniature Dachshund can be an actual challenge.Trust me, I’ve been trying to find one that fits well and does not chafe on wet, filthy trails and longer hikes for years. Essentially YEARS. We’re discussing 9.

I’ve attempted pet harnesses from the biggest names is

outside dog gear to handmade ones I’ve found at craft fairs. The issue with looking for a well-fitting harness

for a Miniature Dachshund is they are often smaller than the tiniest size a harness supplier makes. If you can find a harness that resembles it will

fit, it is not produced a Miniature Dachshund’s” weird shape “. It doesn’t make up a longer back, and skinnier midsection, that many lap dogs with the very same size ribcage have. Which Harness Do You Use for Hiking with Your Miniature Dachshunds? To

day, there is only one harness that I would suggest for Miniature Dachshunds. Disclosure: This article has

associate web links, which implies I get a tiny payment, at no extra expense to you, if you make a qualifying acquisition. That harness is the Casual Padded Y Harness from Hurtta(IMPORTANT make certain to watch the size chart to discover the best one).

Exists a chance it could not help your pet dog? Certain, similar to people, all dogs are constructed simply a little different.

I constantly recommend trying a harness on in your home, prior to getting rid of the tags, and also sending it back for a refund or exchange if it does not fit right.

I have not listened to from any kind of Miniature Dachshund proprietors that it hasn’t worked for.

Hurtta Casual Padded Y Harness Review

The Casual Padded Y Harness doesn’t look so unlike several other Roman design dog harnesses.

However it is!

First, a lot of harnesses of this style have a normal loop that walks around the neck. It’s practically like a loose suitable collar.

This suggests that it’s very easy for the reduced part of the neck band to stress a canine’s neck, or tax their windpipe, if they draw.

The Padded Y Harness has a V shape to it so the strap sits reduced on the neck in front.

Second, the strap that goes around the rib cage rests a little further back than most harnesses. This indicates that the strap does not stick around in the arm pits, which has been the reason 90 %of the moment my Dachshund Gretel has ended up with red chafe marks after a hike. The other 1o% was because the lower part of her front legs (concerning mid leg) rubbed against, or bumped against, the harness chest band when it was wet and also dirty.

Once more, the band unwinds even more on this harness so her front legs do not can be found in contact with it typically, or in any way, when walking.

Disclaimer: in the roughly 3 years we have actually been utilizing this harness, Gretel’s legs obtained chafed a pair times recently.

When we treked on routes that had more vapor crossings than we ever before had so it was continuously we as well as unclean, it occurred. The rub spot on her one front leg was minor though.

Third, the webbing has neoprene extra padding on the inside.

This further assists to stop chafing because it’s a smoother surface so it doesn’t grab as much dust as well as the surface isn’t as harsh as bare webbing is.

I actually do not have

    • several cons for this harness. To sum up, I assume the pros and cons are: Pros: Sits lower on the neck than other harnesses of this style so it’s much less most likely to place stress on your Dachshund’s neck or windpipe
    • The breast band doesn’t sit in the arm pits so the chance of a canine getting chafed on a walk is considerably decreased
    • There is safety neoprene cushioning on the within the straps
    • The breast strap is adjustable
    • The harness has 3M reflectors for added presence when walking, or hanging out around camp, during the night.
    • The harness comes in 5 different shades


    • It has a sternum strap that diminishes the front of the chest and with the front legs. Like most harnesses, the upper body strap slips sideways of the sharp Dachshund breast bone.

Where to Buy the Hurtta Casual Padded Y Harness

You can discover the Hurtta Casual Padded Y Harness on Amazon.

How to Choose the Right Harness Size

To select the correct dimension Casual Padded Y Harness, you will certainly need your canine’s neck as well as breast dimensions.

For the neck, drape a flexible measuring tape loosely around the base of your pet’s neck. You may even desire it to suspend slightly like brief locket would.

For measuring the chest, even though the rear band might not rest on the best part of your canine’s rib cage when they have it on, that is the very best area to gauge.

Compare those 2 measurements to this size graph.

Sizing chart for the Hurtta Casual Padded Y Harness for DachshundsSizing chart for the Hurtta Casual Padded Y Harness for DachshundsSizing chart for the Hurtta Casual Padded Y Harness for Dachshunds

Some dogs will certainly drop someplace in the middle of the size ranges when the neck measurement is taken into consideration.

I recommend opting for the closest breast measurement variety. Despite the fact that the neck strap is not flexible, there is some”fudge”room there to accommodate a neck a little bit bigger or smaller sized than the measurement detailed.

For reference, Gretel’s chest steps 16– 16 1/4 inches and the base of her neck has to do with 12 inches about. Summit’s upper body dimension is 15 1/4 inches and also her neck dimension is likewise around 12 inches.

Both of my miniature Dachshunds use a dimension 18. Although this harness is promoted as “ideal for day-to-day strolls and also activities for all pets”, my Miniature Dachshunds have treked miles of trail up and down hills in it.

Exist Any Other Harnesses You Would Recommend?

I often like to use a different harness for hiking. Specifically if we are hiking for several days straight.

Making use of a different harness sometimes helps to eliminate any type of locations since the straps hit in various areas.

I’m still in the procedure of testing numerous harnesses yet I haven’t cleared up on any kind of yet that I like also half as much as the Hurtta Padded Y.

I’m hoping Wishing will certainly locate least the very least soonHowever I’ll return and also update this post when I do.

This is the best harness I've found for hiking with my DachshundsThis is the best harness I've found for hiking with my DachshundsThis is the best harness I've found for hiking with my Dachshunds
This is the best harness I've found for hiking with my Dachshunds This is the very best harness I've located for treking with my Dachshunds

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