Super Chewer Gets All Up In Your Grill With June’s Theme: BACKYARD BBQ!

HEY HI HELLO! THE WORLD IS WEIRD RIGHT NOW AND WE ARE ALL HOLDING ON FOR DEAR LIFE. We’ll be seeing the #SuperChewer material rolling in like Dachshunds on snackos … We intend to see your pet dogs !! Please, for the benefit ofhumanity, send us your #SuperChewer images, videos, TikToks, as well as smoke signals, and also we’ll be publishing a ton

around social media sites as well as BarkPost alllllll month long!.?.!! This June, Super Chewer’s throwing the 5-second rule right gone, as well as the food straight onto the ground. These squeaky, chewable, treat-holding, SCENTED playthings are going to the pet dogs at this summer season’s Backyard BBQ!.?.!! Inside The Sketchbook Every plaything starts inside a developer’s sketchbook(our developers live and take a breath pet dogs– they’re specialists). When we have a final style, it’s developed into 3D renders, prints, and also, eventually, a ready-to-love plaything! Right here’s a peek inside:

BOX BREAKDOWN! ⬇ Barked Potato Sour cream and also bacon(regretfully)not consisted of. Why We Love It: Natural rubber tater– smoke-scented! Ballistic nylon” aluminum foil”with reinforced joints Installed squeaker Crazy bounce Slamburger Dogs will never allow a charred burger goes to waste. Why We Love It: Natural rubber

  • patty core– smoke-scented
  • ! Embedded squeaker Soft textured plush wrap
  • Tumble and throw
  • Corn In The USA

    Don’t try to butter me up. Why We Love It&: Rubber overmold with nylon core– cream-scented! Treat-holding with a gnaw-friendly appearance Wobble form Pup In Your Grill Well done, puppy. Well. Done. Why We Love It: Rubber with an all-natural smoke aroma Treat-holding and also giving Crazy bounce as well as totter kind

    Hot Potato QUICK– the potato is lava! Why We Love It: Rubber round with a natural smoke scent Installed squeaker Ballistic nylon material(firm however flexible) Well Done Steak Make no mis-steak, a little gristle never ever harmed anyone.

    Why We Love It:

    • Solid nylon
    • Beef-scented
    • Gnaw-friendly structure

    Tuffles Potato Chip

    Perfect for scooping … up as well as tossing once again. Why We Love It: Solid nylon Cheese-scented Gnaw-friendly texture, paw-friendly form Wreck Of Ribs Ribbed for your canine’s enjoyment. Why We Love It: Barbecue-scented rubber overmold Natural smoke-scented&nylon core Gnaw-friendly texture Flip It&Good Spatula Catch ya on the flip&side. Why We Love

    It: Solid nylon– beef-scented

    ! Deal with grooves Paw-friendly for major eating Mr. T-Bone

    We pity the fool who chefs well-done. Why We Love It

  • : Natural smoke-scented nylon core
  • Beef-scented rubber
  • Paw-friendly
  • Super Skewer No sticking with the sharp end. Why We

    Love It: Natural rubber Chicken-scented Gnaw-friendly structure Tomato Toppler A BEEFSTEAK tomato– one of the most effective of fruits. Why We Love It: Barbecue-scented rubber Treat-dispensing Goofy bounce Lob The Kebab

    • Aw, shish (kebab)! Why We Love It: Natural rubber as well as a reinforced nylon strap Onion(peanut-scented), pineapple(pineapple-scented), and also potato(all-natural smoke-scented)
    • Gnaw-friendly textures– great for pull!

    Melon Glider

    No summer season melon-choly yet point. Why We Love It: Watermelon-scented Natural rubber Strengthened joints Super Chewer FAQS What Is Super Chewer? Each Super Chewer box includes two durable, fluff-free playthings, 2 full-size bags of treats, 2 meaty chews, and also a metric lots of happiness every month. Just how Does It Work? You inform us all concerning your awesome canine, as well as select your registration strategy. Enroll in a 6-month, 12-month, or regular monthly plan beginning at $ 29/mo, and also plan for lots of tail wags as well as

    zoomies! Can I Customize My Box?

    Chew bet you can! Dressmaker all playthings, deals with, and chews nevertheless you like. Does your dog have hen allergies? No clucking deals with from us. Don’t like fuzz on your playthings? Got it.

    You can also switch up your box product proportions with less toys and also even more deals with, all toys, no chews; whatever makes your pup pleased. Simply connect to our Happy Team as well as we’ll make it occur. (To do so, please email [ e-mail safeguarded], message us on Facebook or Instagram, or use the real-time conversation feature at What happens if My Dog Destroys A Toy?

    You have an identified dog on your hands! Don’t worry, if your pet dog beats his nylon bane, we’ll replace it with something more suitable, no questions asked.

    Ready to begin your summer off right? Sign up today as well as make your dog’s entire month.

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