SLIT Moe- Uncut final TDA journey w/Moe- Umberci Mine at Ivanpah Dry Lake, CA

We took the Jeep out to the Ivanpah Dry Lake by Primm, NV where the Nevada/ California boarder is. From there we went up to the Umberci Mine. This was the last planned Trail Dog Adventures Trip for Moe due to the excessive summer heat and was filmed on 6/18/2020. Unfortunately Moe passed on 6/25/20 a week after filming this video due to experiencing a flipped stomach that was causing painful bloating cutting off his circulation. He was my best friend and is greatly missed.
Moe's spirit will always be with me giving guidance on future Trail Dog Adventure trips.
But, his successor will be finding me soon to follow in Moe's footsteps. Thanks for watching this trip video.
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