Our Favorite Casual Harness for Dachshunds! The VelPro Mesh Choke Free

I’ve attempted nearly every harness advised for Dachshunds and I have two leading favorites– one for typical life and as well as hiking.This review is for the very first one. The one my canines use around 90% of the moment.

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VelPro Mesh Choke Free Harness Review

The harness my Dachshunds use frequently is the VelPro Choke Free Mesh Harness. We’ve

been using this harness practically daily considering that 2014. They wear it for short, laid-back walks the neighborhood. They wear it 24-7 when we take a trip. They do not use collars so it’s where I attach their ID. When Gretel endured a back injury, she wore it for 10 weeks directly while on cage rest(arrest). In the 5 + years my Dachshunds have been using this harness, as well as during the nearly 2.5 months Gretel wore it continuously, we have had practically zero issues with it(see the what

we do not like area listed below for more )Why We Like the VelPro Mesh Harness There are 2 main reasons that I love this harness. First, Gretel is a real puller as well as, possibly due to extra skin inside her throat, allergic reactions or an irritated throat from pulling, her

breathing is toiled often. It’s nothing major a lot of the time (it seems like she is snoring) but sometimes she starts coughing as well as “honking”.

I am paranoid about her trachea falling down. Of the numerous harness that are supposed to fit Dachshunds that I’ve tried, nearly all put some type of stress on her throat(the one that really did not fit loose and also she can back out

of it )The VelPro Choke Free Mesh Harness puts every one of the pressure precisely her breastbone rather than on her throat.


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  • Second, the harness is very easy to clean. Our harnesses obtain sloppy as well as wet a great deal in the Northwest so they need to be durable and also device washable. I’ve seen similar harness styles to the VelPro Mesh
  • one however they were constructed out of leather. It had to be conditioned to remain supple and took more effort to

clean. Various other reasons I like this harness are: It’s a step-in harness so I do not have to place it over their head It is soft and also flexible so it adapts their body Chester as well as Gretel have actually never shaken out of it The Velcro is durable and extremely solid Two Things We Don’t Like About the VelPro Mesh Harness Removing ID Tags Every Time One unfavorable point to explain about the harness is that, to close the Velcro strap, you require to pass the side with the slot in it

VelPro Mesh Harness velcro closureVelPro Mesh Harness velcro closureVelPro Mesh Harness velcro closureover the metal D-ring. My Dachshunds do not use a collar so I connect their tags to

the harnesses. When it comes to this harness, the only place to connect the tags is that

D-ring. The tags are as well huge to travel through the opening. That means that I have to get rid of the tags, placed the harness on, and also re-attach the tags each time. I make use of a tiny Rubit clip To make the tags very easy to take on as well as off and also do not really believe concerning it

anymore. Possible Chafing( in Rare Cases )You’ll discover I stated the VelPro is my favored CASUAL harness. There are particular cases where it can create red chafedside view of choke free harness on Dachshund sternumside view of choke free harness on Dachshund sternumside view of choke free harness on Dachshund sternum

locations. Really, any harness has the potential to chafe under particular problems I don’t see it as a fault. The main concern in the case of this harness is that it rests right in the arm pits.

Because of their size and funny form, there is very little area between a Dachshund

‘s leg as well as body there. When it’s damp and unclean AND we stroll for over 2-3 miles, the harness has chafed my Dachshunds in the arm pits. That can occur when we are treking since a lot of trails in the Northwest have water on them, even in summer. It can occur at the beach. Besides splashing, sand can stick to it and also act like rough sand paper. It can also occur walking our area when it’s raining( however, again, only if we are opting for longer strolls) The service is basic, we simply do not use

it in those situations. Rather, we use the Casual Padded Y Harness from Hurtta. Where To Get the Velpro Choke Free Harness If you reside in the US, you can get the Velpro Choke Free Mesh Harness from Amazon. The other day, among our Facebook followers saw a picture of Gretel in the harness and also asked me where a person in lower mainland Canada might get the harness.

If you reside in Canada, attempt using this Amazon web link. If you reside in Vancouver, Canada you can additionally buythe harness from Morrco Pet Supply Company for delivering to Canada. It appears like the shipping fee is $10 however I would certainly email as well as verify prior to you order.

A Note on Sizing

If the area you end ordering one from does not have a size chart, here are the dimension dimensions from the VelPro internet site:

Size XSmall fits 11 ″– 12 ″
Size Small fits 13 ″– 14 ″
Size Medium fits 15 ″– 16 ″
Size Large fits 17 ″– 18 ″
Size XLarge fits 19 ″– 20 ″

The directions for finding the right size claim to gauge around your pet dog’s breast right behind their legs (in the arm pit).

Gretel’s chest steps 16– 16 1/4 inches as well as Summit’s is 15 1/4 inches. I have a medium harness for both dogs which, according to the VelPro website, fits a breast of 15– 16 inches.

Simply put, the sizing chart appears exact to me.

Nonetheless, the guidelines on the web site claim to gauge the breast and afterwards add an inch to get the appropriate dimension. I DO NOT advise including that extra inch since the harness stretches out after a while.

When the medium harness is brand-new, it fits Gretel completely snug. Once she’s worn it a bit, as well as draws on the chain as she does in some cases, it’s stretches out as well as ends up being a little bit looser.

It’s loosened on Summit from the beginning. Sometimes, when putting down in it, her leg will certainly stand out with the opening. It’s easy to put back in however.

I’ve never had a trouble with any of my Dachshunds unclothing it however they additionally aren’t ones to pull backwards on the leash.

I very recommend this harness for a Dachshund.

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