Satisfy the 2020 Scholarship Winner

Pursuing higher education can be expensive. From paying tuition to acquiring essential books, participating in university comes at a cost. Vagabond is committed to helping out with an annual scholarship for existing students. Each year, we ask trainees throughout the nation to send their 400-500 word essays.

For 2020, we asked participants to write about how having a pet growing up assisted formed them to be the adult they are today. We reviewed so many wonderful essays regarding what it resembles to have an animal. Inevitably we selected one that really authentically recorded the unique variety of what it means to be a pet parent as well as what family pets can educate us human beings concerning life and loss.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our 2020 Rover scholarship winner, Anastazia Rudolph! Rudolph calls Nevada residence yet will be participating in the

University of Alaska in Fairbanks this fall. Her intent is to significant in emergency administration and homeland safety and security. “I am thrilled that I will ultimately be able to examine the topic that interests me most,” Rudolph claimed. “I have actually done search as well as rescue with the Civil Air Patrol for almost three years now and can’t wait to learn about managing occurrences on a bigger range.”

Rover is delighted to provide Rudolph the 2020 scholarship to help her achieve this. To find out more on the Rovers scholarship, you can review the timely here.

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