How to Take a Dog or Cat to Hawaii as well as Avoid Quarantine

January 31, 2020

How to Fly with Your Dog In-Cabin To Hawaii

3 Comments A couple of years ago Mike and I (Steph)thought about visiting Hawaii with our dachshund Django(@djangothegent). I imagined Django’s squat little sausage pet dog legs running down Kauai’s famous Hanalei Beach and also instantly entered into research setting. I skimmed Hawaii’s strict family pet import and quarantine requirements, pertained to the * incorrect * verdict that Django would have to fly using freight and also be quarantined upon arrival, and also too soon tossed out our dream of vacationing in Hawaii with Django.

A few years ago I improperly thought that all pets going to Hawaii from the continental U.S. should (1) fly in cargo (2) be quarantined upon entrance into the state. I currently recognize I was misinterpreted on both counts! After more substantial research study, we are happy verify that pets can certainly fly in-cabin to Hawaii as well as prevent quarantine.

Are you looking to fly in-cabin with your dog or pet cat to Hawaii without the threat of quarantine? Below is whatever you require to do before you show up in Honolulu.

Why is the Hawaiian federal government rigorous regarding pet traveling to Hawaii?

If you are a pet or cat owner, you are most likely extremely knowledgeable about rabies inoculations. In the United States, nearly every state needs domesticated dogs as well as pet cats be vaccinated for the infection. Hawaii is the one exemption.

Hawaii is the just state in the United States that is rabies-free. The Hawaiian state federal government does not need pet proprietors to immunize their four-legged family participants for the infection because rabies presents absolutely no risk in Hawaii. Why vaccinate your dog for a viral disease that does not exist in the surrounding setting.

Due to the fact that Hawaii is rabies-free, the Hawaiian federal government is incredibly stringent when it concerns four-legged visitors. Dogs as well as pet cats taking a trip to Hawaii from states and also nations where rabies exists have to adhere to rigorous methods to guarantee they do not present rabies right into Hawaii’s unique ecological community.

Hawaii’s quarantine needs for felines as well as pets

To stop rabies from getting in the state, the Hawaiian government requires that felines and pet dogs be quarantined upon arrival. Before you go crazy, understand that there are 3 quarantine alternatives for vacationers: the 120-day quarantine program, the 5 Day Or Less quarantine program, as well as the direct release program.

We’re going to avoid over Hawaii’s 120-day quarantine program – up to 4 months of quarantine is undoubtedly a non-starter for us as well as Django! – as well as primarily concentrate on the direct launch program.

Straight Release vs. 5 Day Or Less Quarantine Programs

Hawaii’s Direct Release quarantine program (aka Direct Airport Release or DAR) permits your canine or cat to fly right into Hawaii and also be launched from the airport on the same day as arrival. Your family pet will certainly be analyzed by the Animal Quarantine Station upon arrival (or within a few hours of arrival) and also will not be quarantined overnight. In order to get approved for the Direct Release quarantine program, you have to ensure your aircraft’s arrival time is within the Animal Quarantine Station daytime office hrs.

To stay clear of any type of confusion, the Direct Release quarantine program is practically component of the 5 Day or Less quarantine program. Furthermore, the pre-arrival requirements are the same for the Direct Release as well as 5 Day Or Less quarantine programs.

What after that is the difference between the Direct Release as well as 5 Day Or Less quarantine programs? The 5 Day or Less quarantine program covers showing up pets that arrive outside the Animal Quarantine Station’s office hours. As the title of the program suggests, animals are quarantined for more than 5 days.

Is there a quarantine fee?

Yes. Hawaii’s Direct Release quarantine program sets you back $185 per pet dog. The 5 Day Or Less quarantine program prices $244 per animal. Family pet proprietors are called for to pay the fee before arrival, and there are no discount rates for several pet dogs.

Guide pets for the blind as well as certified service canines do not have to pay this charge. Active service U.S. armed forces participants might likewise qualify for charge compensation from the U.S. Department of Defense.

How can my animal qualify for Direct Airport Release?

There are numerous pre-arrival demands that have to be completed to qualify for Hawaii’s Direct Airport Release. We outline every pre-arrival demand below. Before skimming those, remember that you and also your pet (1) must be flying into Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu, Oahu (2) must show up during the Animal Quarantine Station’s normal inspection hrs between 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (3 ) has to send all finished documents to the Animal Quarantine Station a minimum of 10 days prior to your arrival.

Pre-Arrival Requirements for Direct Airport Release

1. Microchip recognition. All pet cats and also canines getting here in Hawaii should be microchipped for identification, and also microchip implantation needs to happen before your animal is tested for rabies antibodies.

It is very vital to validate your pet dog’s integrated circuit works prior to taking a trip to Hawaii. If for some reason Hawaii authorities can not discover your animal’s silicon chip, he or she will certainly invalidate for 5 Day or Less as well as Direct Release quarantines and also be forced into the 120 day quarantine program.

2. Rabies inoculation needs. Dogs and pet cats must have obtained a minimum of two rabies inoculations in his or her life time. The 2nd rabies vaccination can not be carried out within one month of the very first inoculation, as well as it can not be ended upon your arrival in Hawaii.

Your pet’s latest inoculation must have been administered no much less than 30 days, and no more than 12 months before arrival in Hawaii for 12-month qualified vaccinations as well as no less than 30 days as well as no greater than 36 months before arrival in Hawaii for 3-year certified injections.

What is the 30 day waiting duration? If your pet or cat requires a rabies vaccination prior to your journey, you must wait 30 days after administering the vaccination prior to going into Hawaii. If you do not wait 30 days, your pet or pet cat will be quarantined up until the 30 day period has actually expired.

3. Rabies antibody examination. Hawaii calls for that all canines and also felines get a Fluorescent Antibody Virus Neutralization (FAVN) rabies antibody examination. If your pet’s rabies booster shot degree is high enough, this blood examination validates. Adequate resistance implies your family pet’s blood examination will reveal a reading of a minimum of 0.5 IU/ml.

Examinations must be done at an approved lab ( see Hawaii’s checklist for even more detailed info on this ). The lab must get your pet dog’s blood sample no greater than 36 months as well as no much less than 30 days before your arrival in Hawaii. 4. Waiting period. Thinking your family pet passes the FAVN rabies antibody examination, you currently require to wait 30 days prior to showing up in Hawaii. If you travel to Hawaii prior to this 30 day window shuts, your family pet will be quarantined up until the 30 days have passed.

5. Tick treatment. Cats and pet dogs have to be dealt with for ticks within 14 days of arrival in Hawaii. Therapy needs to be taped in your family pet’s health certificate.

5. Completed paperwork. As we stated above, all completed documents must be sent by mail to the Animal Quarantine Station at the very least 10 days before your arrival. The files required are:

Can canines and also cats fly in-cabin right into Hawaii?

Unlike the United Kingdom federal government which bans in-cabin animal traveling to the UK, the Hawaii federal government does not care just how your pet dog reaches its state. As long as you adhere to every one of Hawaii’s required protocols detail above, your pet dog or cat is enabled to fly in the cabin of airline companies to Honolulu. Fantastic information, right? Not so quickly …

We have actually only been able to determine ONE airline that permits in-cabin pet traveling to Hawaii: Alaska Airlines. For your reference, right here are the in-cabin animal policies of every major global airline company. Remember that solution animals and also psychological assistance pets may qualify for in-cabin pet dog traveling with other airlines. Here we are strictly describing pet dogs that are not certified service or assistance animals.

Before you go …

We hope you found this write-up beneficial! If you have any type of inquiries, or if you’ve already visited Hawaii with your family pet as well as intend to share your experience, please leave a remark listed below! We ‘d love to hear from you.

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