Exactly how to Adopt a Dog: The First Steps


Adopting a dog can seem like a daunting task. In this series I will help to guide you through the process to make it easier! This is Part 1 of the How to Adopt a Dog series, and we'll focus on the planning BEFORE you go to look at dogs. Planning in advance is so important, because it can be easy to get overwhelmed when meeting the dogs. It can be hard not to take home all of them! It's very important to plan ahead of time to make the process smooth for everyone involved, and to ensure that you're bringing home the best fit for you and your family. Things to Consider:
1. How much time you're able to commit
2. Physical limitations
3. Financial situation
4. Living situation In Your List:
WANTS-List here the desired traits for your new pet. Ex. age, size, breed, etc.
NEEDS-List here your essentials for a dog. Ex. non-shedding, minimal barking, etc.
DEALBREAKERS-List here the issues that you're not able to deal with. Ex. biting, house-soiling, excessive barking, etc. Connect with Us:
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