Just how to Adopt a Dog: Choosing a Dog


Welcome back! 🙂 Now that you've made a list of your wants, needs, and deal breakers, it's time to start looking at dogs! This step is the most fun, but also the most amount of work. It's hard to stop yourself from adopting every dog there! Stick to your list, and follow these tips to make the process enjoyable, fun, and rewarding for everyone. How to Adopt a Dog Pt. 1: The First Steps – https://youtu.be/UqjhVIem4Fc Some things to remember:
1. Bring your list! (which I talk about in Part 1)
2. Don't adopt the first dog – look at all of your options
3. Talk to the staff
4. Visit multiple times (at different times of the day)
5. Bring your family
6. Be forgiving! Some questions to ask the staff:
1. How long does the dog have left? (before euthanization)
2. How long has the dog been there?
3. Where is the dog from and how did it get here?
4. If the dog was owner surrendered, why was it surrendered?
5. Has the dog changed in any way since being there? For good or for bad?
6. Has the dog been tested with other dogs? How did it react?
7. How much exercise does the dog get here?
8. How is the dog on leash?
9. Has the dog ever bitten a person? A human? What were the circumstances?
10. What does your facility do for continued assistance after adoption?
11. Has the dog ever been exposed to kids? Other animals? Etc. 12. What is the dog’s energy level? (generally)
13. Have they had any medical issues since being here? Or prior to being here?
14. Are they spayed/neutered? Connect with us:
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