Homeless German Shepherd Eats Burrito For The First Time (Happy Adoption Story)


Have you seen the new Dog's Day Out yet with GARBANZO? You have to see his reaction to feeling the ocean for the first time ever! http://bit.ly/2BVLkhv –~–
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You won't believe how this Homeless German Shepherd scarfs this Chipotle burrito with no problem at all. It was gone so fast! Herschel, after being tied up for about 5 years of his life he was pulled from the animal shelter by Found Animals Adopt & Shop and given a second chance on life. However big German Shepherd dogs often struggle to get adopted because they can come off as aggressive or overwhelming. This GSD though is a loving guy that just needs some work so I selected him as a candidate for Dog's Day Out by Rocky Kanaka. On #DogsDayOut I take a dog out on the best day they have ever had. In Herschel's case it was a success. With the video going viral and millions of people seeing it hundreds of people submitted applications and now he has his perfect forever family. To get him from Los Angeles California to Washington State we are taking him on a road trip and meeting his new furever family in Redding California. If you love rescue dogs, german shepherds, or happy viral videos then follow along on this guys journey. Follow:
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