Dogs vs LEGO Superheroes Real Life Animation Prank! Marvel Edition

Superheroes Surprise Dogs with LEGO Dance Moves | Happy dogs Louie and Marie
This is a fun channel about two beagle dogs named Louie and Marie and their adventures with friends. These funny dogs faithfully guard their home and don't like uninvited guests.
They chase after them every day so they keep their owner happy. But the cheerful uninvited guests don't give up fast so the cute dogs do all kinds of mischief and are having fun keeping the villains away. Subscribe : :
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#Superheroes #Surprise #Dog Music : Cartoon Swagger 03 – Håkan Eriksson
1920s Chicago 1 (Sting) – Magnus Ringblom
1920s Chicago 5 – Magnus Ringblom
Shark Waters – Magnus Ringblom
Doh_De_Oh – Kevin Macleod

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