Pet Dog Kissing Booth for Homeless Pit Bull Puppy

Watch Jenna Marbles Dog Kissing Booth:
This Pit Bull Rescue Dog Dogs Day Out includes her getting dressed up as butterfly to save her life in Homeless Pittie Puppy Dressed Up As A Butterfly To Save Her Life! Maple has a story that will pull at your heart strings and make you fall in love. Pitbulls are often stereotyped and BSL is a common practice in many countries. Marley's Mutts dog rescue is doing an amazing job helping highlight pit bulls and other dogs that need a forever home.
To help raise awareness for her we stopped by The Hallmark Channels Home & Family and made her peanut butter dog cookies! Maples Favorite Treats (I make these!):
Adoption Application Maple: She is adopted! Join my channel to be a part of the pack: Rocky Kanaka Instagram: Photo credit to the amazing Christian Shenouda: #kissingbooth #pitbull #dogs

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