LOLA OUR CUTE PUPPY REACTS TO ME EATING INVISIBLE FOOD! Subscribe for More Funny Dog videos Here: LOLA loves to eat! Anytime we eat you can guarantee she will be right there with you trying to catch anything you drop her way. So today we decide to test out the invisible food challenge and see if she can catch on that there really isn't any food. Here reaction is pretty funny. Lola's Address: Lola The Bulldog
P.O. Box 1959
Sand Springs, OK 74063 About LOLA: Lola is an English Bulldog. Her Birthday is October 16th, 2019. As of May she weighs in at about 38 pounds. She loves to eat….EVERYTHING! She especially likes dad's shoes and the bottom of the wooden cabinets. Lola has 3 human siblings which she loves so much and they love her! Her day consists of sleeping, eating, pooping, farting, occasional running, but mostly sleeping and lot's of slobbery bulldog kisses! #bulldog #englishbulldog #puppy

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