Answering your questions

Namaste. We are answering the most frequently asked questions about us Time stamps and questions below 00:45 • What kind of dogs are Zazu and Walle? • How old are they?
• How much do they weigh? 02:02 • What are our names? • Where do we live? • Where were we born? • How did we meet? • How long have you been together? • What languages do we speak? 03:27
• How did you train Zazu and Walle? How are they so obedient? 04:43
• Have you ever had to apologize to someone because of Walle or Zazu? 05:50
• Dog owners can be strongly opinionated group of people. How do you handle/cope with the feedback (positive and negative) you get in the comments? 07:15
• What are Zazu and Walle’s similarities and difference and how do you manage the latter?
• How do we manage their different energy levels? 09:03
• How did you learn to edit videos with such good storytelling? Are you a trained editor? • How long do you spend on average editing each video? 10:46
• Knowing what you know about dogs and having Walle and Zazu for so long, what would you have done differently if anything? We are doing daily vlogs so please subscribe to our channel if you would like to see more of us 🙂 Facebook page : Instagram : Email us : #GermanShorthairedPointer #Labrador

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