5 Reasons Cats Are Given Up for Adoption– and How to Avoid These Problems

Article reposted with authorization from Vetstreet. Created by Dr. Marty Becker, DVM.

My profession as a vet– and really, my entire life– has actually been all about celebrating what I call “The Bond,” that incredible link we have with our animals. However even as I’ve made a life’s work out of The Bond, I am keenly mindful that it in some cases breaks, touchdown animals in shelters where they expect brand-new residences. When it comes to rehoming family pets in demand, the great news is that modern sanctuaries are making tremendous leaps forward. The success of Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days– with nearly 8,000 pets across the country placed in permanently homes over a solitary weekend– highlights the fantastic job that sanctuary and also rescue neighborhoods are doing these days.

Regardless of this positive news regarding animal fosterings, felines are still amongst the most tough pets to position in new homes. Luckily, there’s great information for felines also: The shelter area is examining the reasons felines are quit, with an eye to assisting pet owners solve the issues that create them to surrender their felines– or, preferably, to stay clear of those troubles to begin with.

Why Cats End Up in Shelters

I’ve worked in and also with shelters for greater than 30 years, as well as I have a respectable concept why pet cats wind up in them. As constantly, I desired to touch the experience of a leading associate, so I talked withDr. Brian DiGangi, professional aide teacher of sanctuary medicine at the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine. “Most individuals that decide to give up an animal are sad as well as really wish to do what’s best for their animal, “he states. “They just do not recognize where else to transform. While we need to respect those owners that have actually concerned the choice that they can no longer care for their pet dog, lots of are just in need of some great recommendations and also support.”

So what are the factors a cat owner winds up surrendering a cherished animal? Here are Dr. DiGangi’s recommendations, along with some guidance from him (as well as me) on what could help prevent these troubles.

Allergies. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, about a quarter of all Americans are allergic to felines, and experience occasional or slightly frustrating signs and symptoms to lethal. Furthermore, 29 percent of all asthma instances are connected to pet cats. Obviously it’s important to stabilize the advantages of having a pet cat with the issues connected to allergic reactions, as well as sometimes, that might mean rehoming your animal. “Dealing with severe allergies may be amongst the hardest of challenges to overcome,” says Dr. DiGangi. See a specialist first: By obtaining appropriate healthcare and also reducing allergens in your environment, you may have the ability to maintain your pet cat.” We are only restricted by our creativity! “claims Dr. DiGangi.”Many feline proprietors have located methods to preserve the bond with their animal without compromising the lifestyle on their own or their felines.”

Moving. Pet-friendly rental housing can be difficult to locate, especially if you have only a brief home window of time to move from one location to an additional. Consult rescue teams as well as sanctuaries in your new community to see if they preserve lists of rentals that accept cats. If it is monetarily feasible, you may also think about an extended-stay resort– a number of which accept pet dogs– to offer yourself more time to look for permanent feline-friendly real estate. If you are actually struggling to find an area that will certainly enable a pet cat, or you understand your real estate problem is fairly temporary (a couple of weeks or months), you may be able to arrange for your pet cat to deal with a friend or loved one till you can be with each other once again.

Prices. The cost of caring for a pet can be daunting, but there are always ways to cut corners without minimizing the quality of care you offer your pet. I frequently warn family pet lovers not to be penny sensible as well as pound crazy; in other words, don’t try to cute costs by skipping regular veterinary examinations. Leaving out health care can imply establishing your pet cat up for bigger– and more costly– health issue down the road.

Among the simplest methods to invest much less is to keep your pet cat lean; this can conserve on food and also on health care, given that obesity is linked to many health problems in felines, consisting of diabetes mellitus. Dr. DiGangi advises using local sources, both for medical emergencies and basic treatment.”Many sanctuaries and animal rescue companies can supply help with usual feline behavior issues,” he says, “as well as provide subsidized vet look after solutions such as spay-neuter and vaccination against usual contagious conditions. “Litterbox problems. It’s uncommon that a day passes that we vets do not hear about a feline that has quit utilizing the litterbox– as well as sometimes this can be the concern that lands the feline in the shelter. In many cases, litterbox problems are fairly easily fixed by cleaning up the box more frequently, including added boxes, or establishing your cat’s favored litter. Other times there’s a clinical issue that needs to be dealt with before the pet cat can be re-trained to use package. With patience, several, if not most, litterbox problems can be dealt with. Beginning by asking your vet for aid. Dr. DiGangi notes that lots of sanctuaries can assist with litterbox issues also, with actions hotlines, counseling as well as courses to assist individuals in discovering more concerning their pet dogs as well as exactly how to resolve this

concern (as well as others) prior to the pet cat is surrendered toa shelter. Not managing. There are a variety of circumstances in which a feline will start acting unfriendly to members of a household, however this actions is not always a sign that the feline needs to go. Dr. DiGangi says concerns can emerge both when a feline can not agree various other pets and also when she takes a disapproval to a beginner in the residence, such as a partner or roomie– or an infant. There’s a lot of valuable info offered concerning strategies for handling all of these scenarios. Chances are great that if you study as well as make some basic changes, the various other and also hissing signs of a miserable cat will calm down and you can continue to stay in harmony with your cat.

Can This Relationship Be Saved?

Regardless of what your concern, taking your cat to the shelter shouldn’t be the very first solution. “Many options to surrendering a cat are offered for family pet proprietors,” Dr. DiGangi says. “Most veterinary methods are well-appointed to aid with any type of behavior or clinical issues that are causing a pet owner to consider forfeiture.”

I concur with him there, as well as I would certainly take it also further: Talk to your veterinarian concerning any type of problem you’re having with your pet cat. Many troubles individuals think are behavior– such as staying clear of the litterbox– can actually have a clinical problem at the origin. Till that concern is properly detected as well as treated, you will not have much luck transforming the trouble habits. Your vet is also a great resource for locating assistance with other kinds of troubles, consisting of behavior issues and allergic reactions. She could even understand a cat-loving specialist for you!

Ultimately, do your research prior to you allow your pet cat go. As Dr. DiGangi notes, nowadays you can find great deals of help and advice geared towards maintaining The Bond intact, as well as it’s worth choosing. And also while you might still choose that it remains in everybody’s best interest to rehome your feline companion, you may rather discover the help you require to get over this bump on your lengthy road with each other. In cases where rehoming is essential, a source called Rehome can help you securely and conveniently find a brand-new scenario for your pet cat. From producing a captivating profile for your feline to setting up risk-free meet-and-greets with prospective adopters to settling the adoption agreement, Rehome will certainly lead you via every step. Get begun with Rehome below.

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